Unsure what to look for in a Property Manager? Not all professionals are equal.

Below you will find some helpful charts comparing typical industry practice with our way of doing things.

Fee Comparison* Brickleys Industry Standard
New Account Setup Fee $0 Up to $500
Transfer Fee (Vacant Home) $0 Up to 1 month's rent
Transfer Fee (6+ month Lease) $0 Up to 1 month's rent
Transfer Fee (Less than 6 month Lease) $250 - $350 Up to 1 month's rent
Advertising Fee $0 $15 - $50/mo or flat rate up to $250
Vacancy Fee $0 $100/mo and up
Leasing Fee $250-$350 Up to 1 month's rent
Base Management Fee 7% to 10% 7% to 10% + 6% Lease Commission
Service Coordination Fee $0 Invoice Markup or Flat Rate
Maintenance Reserve Up to 1 Month's Rent 1 Month's Rent and up

A word on fees

As good as the above comparison may look to you (and your bank account), it is critical to understand, Brickleys does not compete on fees.In other words, we are not trying to be the cheapest option as a way to gain your business. We do try to be the option with the most value.

Trying to undercut the competition will always lead to burn-out and ultimately your property will suffer from substandard services.Trying to bloat the services (or pretend there are different acceptable levels of service to offer) in order to charge more is not fair to you.

While our fees may be affected by individual market conditions, broader economic factors and evolving industry standards, we will always be clear, transparent and fair.

Want more details about fees in your area?

Schedule a no-obligation appointment with your local Brickleys. Also, check out the feature comparison below for even more side-by-side comparison of property manager services.

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Feature Comparison* Brickleys Competitors
Before & After HD Inspection Video/Photos
Written Inspection Reports
HD Video Tour for Tenant Prospects
Gallery or Photo Tour
Advertising to Top Rental Sites Included
Advertising for Additional Fees
Automated Weekly Vacancy Reports Shows how much interest your home is getting and how many times it hase been viewed.
Technology-based & Convenient Showing System
In-office Key Check-out Showing System
Online/Electronic Application Process
National Criminal, Credit & Rental Screening Included
Additional Fees for Tenant Screening
Pay Rent Online via Credit Card or Bank Draft
Pay Rent In-Office
Online Real-time Maintenance Issue Reporting
Phone or In-office Maintenance Issue Reporting
After-hours Maintenance Request Handling
After-hours Emergency Handling
Emphasis on Eco-Friendly Office Environment
Off-site Data Storage and Backup
Automatic Monthly Reporting with 24/7 Owner Access
Locally Owned/Operated Franchise While each office is a franchise, Brickleys uses local owner/operators. These small business owners must go through extensive training to ensure our high standards are met.
Corporate Office Benefiting the Clients Each office is able to leverage the corporate office to access the latest effective technology, continued training, and ongoing support. This all leads to superior customer service.

* Business models and fee structures can change. Some competitors may offer more features or fewer fees than respresented here. However, we have found the above representations to be a fair picture of the industry in general. The fact is, it is difficult to change operations if you've been doing it one way for many years. Unless you build a business around an adaptive mentality (like we did), it is easy to get stuck in "this is how it's always been done".

Furthermore, our features and fees are subject to change. We just won't do it without clearly communicating it to our customers. Our goal is always to offer the most value in the services you get. Rest assured, if something changes, you will benefit either directly or indirectly. We aren't in the habit of charging for things for the sake of it. So, be sure to talk to your local office to make sure you have the latest information (our website staff may have been slow with an update).