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Brickleys Property Solutions has one defining goal: mutual success.

Our management team of seasoned investment and rental property owners built Brickleys with a foundational focus on tenant selection and cutting edge technology. Early on, we knew that in order to ensure consistent and profitable returns from income property, we must bring the “right” tenants together with the “right” properties. Combining this partnership with new technologies, unique to Brickleys, we have been able to precisely and effectively manage rental homes.

Additionally, our dedicated staff, automated systems, multiple payment options, and real-time issue reporting enables us to take the hassle out of property management, while putting the emphasis on ROI back in. Owners, franchisees, tenants, and service vendors all have access to our thorough reporting and tracking system, which ensures prompt reactions and detailed communications. By harnessing technology, we dramatically increase efficiency by digitizing the paper trails inherent in the business of property management.


When the Going Gets Tough

Every day we are confronted with choices. Through the recent real estate bubble burst, we made the choice to confront the challenge of selling and managing property in a difficult market. We started Brickleys Property Solutions to share what we learned about managing
personal property portfolios through hard times. Confronted with the challenges of a market that was at a standstill, our team perfected the processes needed to expertly manage rental property, and built a world-class property management organization in the process.

...The Tough Succeed

Now a national franchise, Brickleys Property Solutions is fully dedicated to expanding throughout the US, concentrating growth in regions with high density single-family residence income property. The fact is, the recent real estate market corrections have resulted in a never before seen supply of income property to lease, manage, and profitably retain. Many income property owners have been suddenly overwhelmed with property that they are unprepared to manage. Many of our clients are private homeowners who simply can’t sell their primary residence, even though circumstances required them to vacate and market it to renters. All said, there is no better time to enter the Property Management industry and earn your
slice of the rental income annuities that income property owners are receiving each month. Working with Brickleys, you will soon come to love the first of the month!

Just take a look for yourself, and you will see that a Brickleys Property Solutions Franchise System is the RIGHT opportunity at the RIGHT time. We share the same passion for franchisee success that we do in delivering our property owners profits. We invite you to fully consider whether owning a Brickleys Property Solutions franchisee is the best way to claim your stake in growing income property profit opportunities.


Timing is Everything

Above all else, the decision to enter a franchise industry is largely dependent on one thing. Growth. Without it, even the most passionate of ambitions will not reach their full potential. With rental management, when we commit to make our clients’ and our own portfolios more valuable, we find the benefits and efforts of our work are returned to us in business growth. Furthermore, as we grow in developing leading technology and techniques, the demand also grows.

Brickleys Property Solutions is poised to not only ride the steep demand curve for property management services, but to excel at it. In an industry stagnant with old methods for property management (loathed by owners and renters alike) we have emerged as a new industry alternative. Our fresh approach, technical efficiencies, and reach place us squarely among the leaders in the new and improved property management services market, and our earnings representations can prove it.

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Did you know: In 2013, INC. Magazine named Real Estate Property Management one of the fastest growing industries.
Here are some more numbers to spark that entrepreneurial spirit:


The majority of people this age and younger prefer renting over owning.


As in, Property Management is $50 Billion industry.

750000 PEOPLE

Estimated individuals employed by the Property Management industry.

5000000 FAMILIES +

The National Association of Realtors estimates at least this many will be new renters by 2024.


Again, timing is everything. Brickleys innovative approach to property management services puts Brickleys on the list of businesses to watch. While there are many traditional options for entering the property management industry, choosing to develop a business format that specializes in pioneering technology is essential for today's market. Success and timing are forever entwined, and while it's common to find yourself doing the right thing at the wrong time, isn't it great when you do the right thing at the right time?
(Hint: now would be one of those moments.)


Brickleys is Designed to Serve You

In developing the Brickleys Property Solutions Franchise System, the compelling principle behind our business system was to allow franchisees to work on their business, rather than work in their business. In other words, Brickleys Franchise System is intended to dramatically reduce the time, costs, and personal risks associated with operating a business.

We started our first Brickleys Property Solutions to capitalize on our property assets. Then we created Brickleys Property Solutions Franchise System for our franchisees to create wealth by managing their clients' property assets. We empowered our management team to enlist the country's best franchise development experts, and craft a system with the level of precision that a CPA would use to evaluate portfolio ROI. Cutting no corners, we painstakingly analyzed each and every business process to create an operations and marketing system that any franchisee could execute quickly,affordably and knowledgeably.

We believe that our franchise offers investors an opportunity to enter a market that is mature, but also shows signs of vigorous growth. A franchise, that with a bit of motivation and hard work, can produce rewarding accomplishments and build lucrative annuities. All this, while also offering our franchisees complete control over their job security and financial future. Furthermore, this opportunity allows for an ideal diversification from direct real estate investment, allowing franchisees to benefit from the current real estate ride, while utilizing their clients' investment and risk capital.

The Brickleys Advantage

Our property management franchise offers advantages rarely available for the typical "business" owner. They include:

  • Low startup and small inventory costs
  • No bad debt (you get paid when rent is paid)
  • Low staffing and labor costs
  • Optional income opportunities (i.e. maintenance services, retail real estate sales)
  • Minimal maintenance equipment costs Increasing internet lead flow
  • Repeat customers
  • Predictable revenues
  • Low office/facility overhead
  • Corporate office support and oversight

Along with these benefits, we offer a customizable franchise fee calculated off a low standard base rate plus territory parameters. This allows you to consider your budget, goals, and area needs when pursuing our opportunity. All this automatically includes the assurance that our staff will always be at hand to help you grow and manage your Brickleys Property Solutions business. We know from experience, what it takes to grow a world class property management business and we are confident we can help you do the same. There is every reason to consider this opportunity now.


Corporate Office Support

As a franchisee, we promise you will never be alone. We understand and are committed to the very basics of franchising: being there for your franchisees. So, while the other guys are urging their franchisees to read the blog, view the video, or peruse the newsletter; our franchisees can always just pick up the phone and call or email us. We'll always be there to help.

On-site Sales Packet & Techniques

Once we get the call (or internet lead) we know how to close, and as a Brickleys Property Solutions Franchisee, so will you. We have an exceptional presentation process, along with a proven strategy for closing the next long-term client. Continually in development, our sales resources and trainings are exceptional and effective.

Exceptional Operations

It may seem like details, but we spend many months putting each sign, door lock, notice, form, letter, listing format, fee, script, and tenant screening technique to the test before offering it to our franchisees. Knowing this, imagine what else we've done to make your business simply work from day one.

Internet & Marketing Strategy

The internet and social media have become launch-pads for marketing, advertising, and lead generation. For this reason, we proudly promote Brickleys Property Solutions through leading social media outlets. As a Brickleys Property Solutions franchisee, we will work tirelessly to provide your location with all the same benefits and internet reach our corporate location enjoys. Additionally, we intend to further develop cooperative advertising strategies as the Brickleys Property Solutions system grows and expands.

Technical Expertise & Tools

Once you are open for business, there are many ways we help you save time. Using the most advanced technology and technical resources, we will provide you with your own Brickleys Property Solutions Website. This includes a localized, industry leading listing database, and access to our Franchisee Intranet for 24/7 support. Moreover, we actually USE the tools we provide, so we will be able to help at a moment's notice with any issues that may arise.

Protected Territories

Once you have invested in and worked to grow your Brickleys Property Solutions business, rest assured it is protected and exclusively yours. We work hard to award territories that are generous, equal in demographic characteristics, and afford our owners the opportunity to work cooperatively with one another. You can always acquire more territory should your expansion goals motivate you, but what you have is yours as long as you remain an active franchisee with Brickleys.

Extensive Initial and On-going Training

Not to worry, you and your staff will learn in a real customer setting ALL the ins and outs of not just managing property, but managing WELL. We will teach you to manage with efficiency and profitability. Once your training is complete, we will continue to test, re-test and improve the Brickleys technologies, operations and marketing strategies. We will always keep you updated with newest and best practices and technologies available.


How much is a Brickleys franchise?

Our base Franchise Fee is $7,500 plus a per housing unit cost for each renter occupied home in your desired territory. This allows you to scale according to budget, goals, and area needs.

A full-size territory should cost approximately $40,000 in Territory Fees plus additional office start-up costs from approximately $10,000 - $35,000. While you might find a less expensive real estate related franchise out there, we believe there is not a better valued opportunity available.

What is the Brickleys Property Solutions royalty?

Our current royalty is $500.00 per month or 8% of the previous month's Gross Revenue- whichever is greater. You only pay us 12 times a year.

Is there any Advertising Fund Fee?

Currently, there is not. We estimate it will take several years before we begin collecting contributions into our National Advertising & Marketing Fund. When we do, we will provide you with at least 60 days' notice and are only expecting to collect 2% of your Gross Revenue initially.

How many vehicles do I have to buy?

Well, that depends. That number's dependent on how many properties you will be managing in your territory when it is fully developed, and that can vary from owner to owner. The good news is: we have flexible vehicle requirements, and as long as your personal vehicle meets our approval it can be used in the business.

Do I have to buy recommended equipment and supplies?

While we will allow substitutions for some basic items, for operational and branded items (such as our programmable door locks or Brickleys branded yard signage), we do require that you purchase and use only the items we specifically offer. Since franchisees greatly benefit from system wide sharing of the same brand name and offering the same brand experience, it is important that we are consistent with business critical equipment and materials.

What does my investment include?

Your paid Franchise Fee includes all the essentials to get your Brickleys Property Solutions location ready to accept its first client. We include comprehensive training (at our headquarters and/or at your location) on the steps required to fulfill the Brickleys promise.

We will provide training on our technical and internet systems. We also offer training on how to best organize your place of business: hiring and managing staff, presenting services to the client, accounting, legal compliance, inventory management, scheduling, managing leads, billing, tenant screening, handling tenant complaints, maintenance coordination, legal issues, and more. Plus, we will be with you offering expert advice as your business grows.

What makes Brickleys Property Solutions better than other property management franchises?

Everything. Why, you ask? Brickleys was founded with a mission of providing a service that produces impressive returns. From the start, it was important for the Brickleys founders' and their colleagues' portfolios to be profitable- it wasn't just a dry run for another business endeavor. Since then, we have used this principle as a guide to shape the growth of the organization.

Brickleys is not just a re-packaged "old way" company trying to take advantage of the explosive growth in the rental market. We are custom built form the ground up to maximize the success in the new rental era while developing lasting customer and colleague relationships. We are forging futures, not grabbing a quick buck on pricing gimmicks.



Year first established in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Year first franchised.


6 new franchise units in 2016-2017.

Up to approx. $75,000

Liquid capital required.

Up to $175,000

Total capital investment.


Financing assistance may be available via a third party.


What to Expect and How to Get Started

We are not just a property management franchise selling the traditional "take the money and run" management services. We are invested in your success. We know first hand that property management service standards are outdated, and the practices are broken. We created something better. Learn for yourself why Brickleys is the new standard that property management firms now aspire to.

Step One


Submit a Brickleys Franchise Interest Form.

Step Two


Complete an introductory call with a Brickleys manager.

Step Three


Receive the Brickleys Experience Package and Brickleys FDD.

Step Four


Complete a Brickleys Franchise Application for formal consideration.

Step Five


Visit the Brickleys Corporate location for "Decision Day".

Step Six


Sign the Brickleys Franchise Agreement and schedule your Brickleys Franchise Training Program.

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