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Brickleys is striving to bring innovative ideas into the world of property management and adapt solutions to the ever-changing 21st century. We want to foster the belief that when everyone is taken care of we are all successful. With Brickleys, everyone benefits and everyone is just as important; tenants, property managers, and owners; it’s definitely a team effort. With the changes that have taken place in the real estate industry since 2008, it’s been a focus of Brickleys to account for these changes and adapt. There are many reasons why Brickleys is the right choice for property management, but here are just a few to demonstrate their uncanny ability to satisfy every facet of the property management market.

At Brickleys, quality is our focus more than quantity. Many other property management companies will reassure you that they have such a large staff to take care of anything you need, but we believe that more people doesn’t always equate to the best quality of service for all parties involved. Ensuring that each office location takes care of their range of customers efficiently and effectively is the main priority. It’s very important to us that our customers never become just a number. Instead we believe that each client should feel that personal touch, receiving individual care and attention.

Another way that Brickleys aims to satisfy the needs of the property management market is through their relevant experience. In addition to being founded by veteran real estate professionals and business owners, Brickleys was established after the recession of 2008. In the wake of that recession, we believe that Brickleys has new and relevant property managing solutions for today’s market that many older companies may not offer. Many companies like to advertise that they have been around longer or have more years of experience, but that doesn’t mean they have updated their methods to today’s evolving market.

When it comes to property management, communication is key to keep things running smoothly. With Brickleys, you are getting a an entire team of professionals, everyone is there to help. Our business model ensures that each staff member at our offices is trained with the skills needed to fulfill multiple roles within the company. Structuring things this way keeps a steady flow of information between team members and allows us to better serve our customers. In comparison, many companies maintain a segregated staff with each member in designated roles with little overlap, but this doesn’t allow for the same quality service when someone misses a day or takes a vacation. Why not have a well-rounded staff able to adapt quickly and take on new roles and need be? Brickleys believes this is the best way to benefit our customers and keep the everyone at each office on their toes and informed.

When adapting to the 21st century and post 2008 recession, technology and efficiency play a larger role than ever before. Using the right technology in the right places ensures that we get the job done as efficiently as possible for our customers.. Online and mobile friendly tools for tasks such as tenant applications, contract signing, and maintenance, can all be done faster with the technology and tools Brickleys uses. Unfortunately, many other companies don’t share this same vision, choosing to stay with their old ways and old methods of property management. This is yet another aspect where Brickleys improves on its competition.

Corporate accountability is a popular topic in today’s business world, and Brickleys understands the commitment and effort required to be a socially responsible and ethical company. Our company has a franchise model and therefore each office is responsible for maintaining the ethics, operations, and professionalism we expect at the home office. We follow this structure to make sure we have a company that will continue to grow and last for our customers. It’s important to us that our customers trust our brand. That’s why we have proceeded with a slow and steady growth rather than rushing headlong into the market. Brickleys did not want to make the same mistake others have by expanding too quickly and seeing service quality suffer as a result.

Brickleys is a company dedicated to service, innovation, and accountability to make sure their customers come first. The real estate business is constantly changing, and Brickleys not only understands this, but has drafted their business model around it. Their desire to be different than the competition has sparked the innovation and high quality service that their customers can appreciate now and for many years to come.

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